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Lilypie - Personal pictureLilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Monday, March 07, 2016

Theater, outside and Dylan's birthday!

We went to the theater to see a great dinosaur show and Maya got called up on stage to participate, petting some of the baby dinosaur puppets and feeding the (thankfully herbivore) Titanosaurus :) 

 After the show you could line up to take pictures with the dinosaurs. Very exciting!

 Dad was in hospital for his birthday so we went over there to take him presents and cake. A rare sweet hug sharing a chair in the waiting room.

 We went for a lovely walk at Saltern's Copse. Very windy and chilly but beautiful!

 Maya has been practicing her bike riding and doing so well with it.

 I was feeling quite ill with a migraine the other day and the kids decided I needed some TLC.

 Dylan's birthday started with presents in the morning

 Presents after school....

 R2D2 cake after having cake at school too!!!

 Saturday afternoon bowling party. his classmates Lauren, Jack, Max, Ciran, Archie and of course Maya all had a great time bowling and then had food and more cake!!